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"Persistent practice alone is the Key to Yoga"
BKS Iyengar

Sign up for a minimum of 10 classes for any levels and get to attend Sunrise, Restorative and Pranayama.

Level I For complete beginners, people experienced in other forms of yoga but new to the Iyengar method.

Level II For those who have completed Iyengar yoga Introductory course or attended at least 1 year of Iyengar classes. Not suitable for complete beginners. A wider range of asanas will be taught.

Level III Suitable for people who have attended Iyengar yoga regularly for at least 2 years. Students can expect to work intensively, in a wide range of asanas.

Level IV For students with above 3 years of regular Iyengar yoga practice, teachers in training and teachers. Students should be able to maintain stability in inversions for at least 5 minutes. You should have an established independent practice.

SUNRISE For people who want a head start to their day. Suitable for beginners as well.

KIDS YOGA For children ages 8 to 12. Learn the asanas to build strength and confidence.

60 Plus A gentle class for people age 60 and above. Iyengar yoga will help you maintain physical strength, movement and flexibility.

PRANAYAMA Meditation on the breath and techniques leading to calmness, mental stability and health. Suitable for students who are in Level 2 and above.

PRE-NATAL The Iyengar Yoga method is unique in using a variety of props so that both mother and baby obtain the maximum benefit withtout any strain. Specific postures are taught throughout the different phases of pregnancy to relieve physical discomforts and elevate moods. For expectant mothers between 14 to 28 weeks pregnancy.

REMEDIAL Yoga for healthy back, legs & shoulders. It is a form of healing through yoga suitable for those who are suffering from back/neck/shoulder conditions.



• We reserve the right to change the schedule and fee structure.

• Please consult the teacher before selecting a class.


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